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Some changes been done previously to this dissertation, but still the supervisor comments have not been fully met by the previous writer on the file uploaded for this dissertation labelled <<2017.03.31_Conventional_or_Online_Material_-_with_Supervisor_Mark-ups_and_Comments_-vFinal_to_work_on_and_update.docx>> as in the previous order the writer has just updated related to his work chapters 5,6 & 7 and shown in the other uploaded file labelled <>, hence, please work on the supervisors feedback and try to make the necessarily changes in order to bring the work to the expected prime quality that my supervisor is looking for. I would suggest you work on the track change review mode in the dissertation file as to see what kind of update/changes/deletion/ replacement you as writer would polish and refine the quality of the paper to come up and meet the supervisor expectation.

Also, the word counts as shown now is around 47300 words, which has to be brought up to 50000 words. So please work to achieve this target too.

The supervisor feedback:

((I\’ve now read this and provide feedback on track changes and within the text via comments.
Overall, there is still a way to go but much seems to be in place. The main issue for me is that it is a largely an \’atheoretical\’ piece of work and it does little in terms of a contribution to theory. That aside, as a comparison of views of staff and students about the in-house and on-line resources at Sultan Qaboos University, it is quite good. But it is all quite descriptive and contrastive and never achieves a more theoretical lift-off.

I found it sort of lost its way towards the latter part, with the finding that using online testing could result in greater cheating, though I don\’t think that is surprising. The cheating dimension is actually just a disadvantage of online testing (depending upon how that is administered) yet dominated the latter part.
I suggest you look closely at the literature on the use of the materials and resources – did any of those researches draw on a theoretical framework that resonates with your study? My view is that much of what you discuss here is related to teachers\’ beliefs about the materials in use, online or in-house, and much of what you find is based on those views. Therefore, the wider literature on teachers\’ views and beliefs in relation to language teaching and learning may be a fruitful theoretical area to consider.
Introducing the theoretical dimension will lift the \’doctoralness\’ of this, in my opinion, well as the word count.
Le the know what you think.

When this is at a stage where I consider it just about complete, I will actually print off a hard copy for the final read through. I will then mark it up by hand, scan it and send it back. That is a while off but just to let you know.))

Best Regards,
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