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Read the Horse 360 campaign again.

You are to prepare a suite of materials to support the campaign that can be used at the launch at Equitana. This is a creative exercise. You will have basic templates for the pieces in your text book and course materials but the words and story lines are up to you, as long as they are aimed at achieving the objective of engaging Horse 360s web audience in an interactive dialogue, leading some to download the app. Budget is no obstacle in this exercise.

The items are:

copy (that is the industry term for the words) and a concept drawing for a magazine advertisement to be placed in hard copy horse magazines. You should identify these magazines (you could consult your media list from assignment 1), the size of the ad and the placement of the ad (ie the page number). You look at magazine advertisements before attempting this part of the assignment.

copy and concept drawings for a dynamic web ad. You should research and find two relevant websites on which to place this advertisement. A dynamic web ad is one that changes through two or three slides during a viewing. It is important that you look at dynamic web ads before attempting this section.

copy (and if appropriate, concept drawings) for ONE of the following:

speech for the launch by the special guest that you proposed for the launch in Assignment 1. You should identify this person and provide a brief background for the benefit of the marker. The speech should be laid out in the recommended format in the text book easy to read, double spaced, lower case and paragraphs evident, either by indenting or double spacing.

a brochure for the app. Use the diagrams in the text book to indicate what copy goes where. Supply a hand drawn diagram that shows what graphics you might use in the brochure. Collect and read some brochures from other organisations before you start.

the front page of a newsletter for the app champions (see details in the campaign) to be sent out before the launch. Make sure you write at least two stories for this newsletter. The launch story will be one, but find another story that will be of interest to clients it should be company/app news.

And finally:

a letter to the editor from CEO Danny Cook about horse welfare issues, to be published in the local newspaper in response to the news from a day before that police had impounded five starving horses from a local farm. The language in this letter will be much like Danny talks approachable, friendly and plain. Avoid pompous speech and words that a down-to-earth horseman would never use. Refer to the examples on StudyDesk and in your materials for guidance.

– please read everything carefully, don\’t simply guess it, take the time to look at the criteria sheet as each criterion is crucial.
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