Contrast Annotated Bibliography

ENG 220 WEEK 2 Comparison-Contrast Annotated Bibliography   In any career you pursue, the skill of presenting yourself and your ideas will play an important role. Whether in writing, in person, across the conference room, by phone, or across continents, people need to be sold on you as much as they are on your ideas. ENG 220 WEEK 2 Comparison-Contrast Annotated Bibliography  The quality of the points presented in writing depends on the quality of the source material chosen to include in the writing. An annotated bibliography begins the preliminary research process and serves as an ongoing list of sources that will support your final paper in Week 5. Using scholarly sources helps you with the following:Scholarly sources will give you credible work that your instructors and employers will acknowledge.The skills of paraphrasing and summarizing are foundational for any research writer.The more you strive to understand what another writer is trying to communicate, the more you will be moved to make your voice heard as a writer.Conductseveral searches using any of the databases in the University Library. Selectfour (4) scholarly, academic sources from the library search that support the topic you plan to present in your final paper. Writea complete summary of the information presented in each article, using your own words. Summaries must be a minimum of 250 words each. Writeyour analysis of the best use of this information in your paper; for example, how will this information support your comparison-contrast essay. Identifya possible topic sentence and claim the information will support. Formatyour title page according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.  Submityour assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

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