Conduct some independent research on the topic and the domain under study.

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Assignment Objective

Your objective is to conduct some independent research on the topic and the domain under study. There are two tasks:

1. Modelling task. Based on your student number, you must choose a modelling technique/approach to be used in your submission. Next, identify a suitable aspect of the case study and explore it in depth. Finally, create a model that illustrates and explains the (wisely) selected aspect of the case.

2. Propose an approach to requirements elicitation. To do this, you need to suggest a technology solution, identify end users and propose an approach to gathering users requirements.

In the process, use information extracted from the case study description and make assumptions if you need additional details. Document your assumptions.

Important Notes

In your assignment include:
1. Your model
2. A proposed approach to requirements elicitation
3. Assumptions

Depending on the model chosen, your solution will cover either the entire domain or one aspect of it. Therefore, it is up to you to decide the scope of your solution, to demonstrate specific details or be very holistic. You can refer back to the weekly workshop to decide which approach suits your model. Use the relevant workshop form for the modelling task. Use the
relevant workshop form for the modelling task.
Also depending on the model chosen, you then decide on the order of the assignment tasks. You may need to undertake Modelling task first then Propose an approach to requirements elicitation or the other way around. For example, Larys student number is 234123716, he can use either SWOT analysis (X=1) or Domain class diagram (Y=6) for the modelling task. If Lary selects SWOT analysis then he should undertake SWOT analysis, formulate strategies and propose a system as an initiative to implement the recommended strategy, identity the users for the system, then propose an approach to gathering requirements from the users. If
Lary however selects Domain class diagram then he should propose an approach to gathering requirements from the users before undertaking the modelling task.

In total, your assignment should not be more than 2500 words. We also expect no more than 5 pages.

My Student # is 213289023

Please make sure you read through everything I\’ve uploaded before commencing any of the work. The instructions and requirements will be located at the document named \”A4 Description and Rubric\”.
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