Coconut Water Wars

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General Instructions

1. Read the case scenario and conduct an analysis answering the five required questions. Answer ALL five questions. Each question has the same weight.

2. As expected of a graduate-level paper, use the course materials and research from library and high quality open Internet sources to support your answers. Avoid using wikis, blogs and Internet news as resources for theoretical support. Remember, evidence from good quality sources is what separates an expert analysis from a layman\’s opinion. Make sure to provide support for all your analyses and recommendations.

3. Use space efficiently and avoid unnecessary repetition of the case narrative. Assume that the reader is familiar with the case and focus your responses on your analysis through your answers to the required questions. Focus on the facts at the point in time described in the case.

4. The paper should be between 4-6 pages long, excluding list of references. An executive summary is not required.

5. Please submit your case analysis in the Assignments folder named \”Case Study #2\”. The due date for this assignment is July 16th at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Format Requirements:

1.The case analysis should include three main sections with three main headings: Introduction, Analysis, Conclusions. Use subheadings for each required question.

Title Page List your name, class number, class name, Week 8 – Individual Assignment: Case Study #2, date of submission.

Introduction In one or two paragraphs, discuss briefly the company background and critical issues of the case.

Analysis Answer each of the five required questions using subheadings for each question.

Conclusion Summarize the main issues of the case and discuss implications to marketing management.

2. Submit your case analysis in one 4-6 page Word document that includes all required elements (not including cover page and reference list).

3. Use APA style to format your paper. Use in-text citations for supporting sources and provide a list of references at the end. Use APA style for both citations and the list of references. The recommended font is Times New Roman 12 pts and the paper should be double spaced.
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