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here i put the points that it has to include:

1. A clear definition of what your subject is.

2. A brief paragraph on the author (her/his nationality, historical period, art movement she/he belonged to, etc).
As much as possible, avoid using Wikipedia and similar websites uncritically and without checking the information (e.g. dates, places, biographical and artistic details). Wikipedia is very uneven and the information contained therein is not always reliable (an entry in one language may be more reliable than the entry on the same subject in another language, etc) .

3. A brief description of his works – what his style is? Way of creating art works. ect.

4. A paragraph with contextual/historical information on the work(s) compiled from the sources you access (hard copy books and online resources), which may include quotations, i.e. passages from your reference sources. Has he Influenced any other artists , century , movements, etc..?

5. Once you have provided all the above, add a paragraph with your own observations, reflections, critical remarks on your subject.

6. You may want to draw your conclusions on your subject. For instance, you can compare what the literature (i.e. the reference reading you have used and quoted) says about your subject, and your own views on it.
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