Choosing an Attorney

Assignment Instructions
Choosing an Attorney
Choose the top 3 factors that are important to you in selecting an attorney and assess them the importance of those factors. Develop at least 5 open-ended questions to ask a potential attorney to represent your business. Next, interview at least two attorneys that specialize in small business using your open-ended questions. These interviews can be in-person, by phone, or online. Lastly, write a report that synthesizes the information you gathered and determine which attorney you would select. Explain why.

Minimum 2 pages
Appendix with list of questions
Minimum 2 scholarly sources

The three most important factors in choosing an attorney for a small business startup are as follows:
How long have they been in practice and do they have any experience in a small business related to a customer service field.
How will duties associated with my business be delegated to other staff members?
The attorneys willingness to provide references of their service to other small businesses.

Open Ended Questions
1 Are you currently or have you ever been a business owner?
2 What do you charge for your services? Are there ways to reduce the cost of your services?
3 Will someone besides you be handling my paperwork? How and what tasks will they be working on?
4 Have you worked with many start-up businesses and would you be willing to provide references?
5 Have you had any conflicts with previous clients and how were they resolved?

Provide name of Attorney\’s interviewed
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