\”Child of Rage The FULL Documentary\”

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Response Papers: These are 2-page essays where you give some feedback on any of the topics we cover in class. The feedback should be personal, what you are really thinking. Do not simply state the class material over again, but do use the class material for the prompt for your writing. For example, when we discuss punishment, we will cover the issue of spanking. This can evoke strong feelings for many people. What do YOU think? Why do you think this? How does the research on spanking affect your thinking? Format: Give the prompt (the issue) to which you are responding. (No more than a few sentences.) Then give your response. You should fill two pages in 12-point font with one-inch margins. Use minimal space for your name, date, class and title. Number the response paper. Each person will turn in a maximum of 5, for 6 points each. These assignments will be submitted through the journal function of Blackboard. Points will be deducted for late work as well as for writing that does not reflect the excellence of a university student. The class is Socialization (SOC 339) Catalog Description: Theories, goals and process of childhood socialization, and to a lesser extent, adult socialization. Emphasis on organized social roles as they are mediated through the norms and patterned interactions of institutions; that is, the family, peer groups and the schools. I\’m a Social Work student Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) The response paper will be on the Movie we watched in class \”Child of Rage The FULL Documentary\” .. Its an response to want I thought of the movie. Did I agree with the movie or disagree and why?

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