case study

Discuss each of the three mini-case studies. For each mini-case study include the following:
A brief overview of each case (one or two sentence essence of the case).
Answer the questions associated with each case and include specific tools or techniques and provide citations/references to substantiate your claims. Each answer may include any combination of a discussion on influence negotiation, or trust.
Each of the three case studies, not including the overview of each case, should be a minimum of 500 words, for a total of 1500 words (minimum). Save your work in an APA formatted, Word document. Use terminology from your readings and cite related references using current APA format, where applicable.

1. Jack Nietzche Case Study
You returned from a project staffing meeting in which future project assignments were finalized. Despite your best efforts, you were unable to persuade the director of project management to promote one of your best assistants, Jack Nietzche, to a project manager position. You feel a bit guilty because you dangled the prospect of this promotion to motivate Jack. Jack responded by putting in extra hours to Exercises ensure that his segments of the project were completed on time. You wonder how Jack will react to this disappointment. More importantly, you wonder how his reaction might affect your project. You have five days remaining to meet a critical deadline for a very important customer. While it wont be easy, you believed you would be able to complete the project on time. Now youre not so sure. Jack is halfway through completing the documentation phase, which is the last critical activity. Jack can be pretty emotional at times, and you are worried that he will blow up once he finds he didnt get the promotion.
As you return to your office, you wonder what you should do.
Should you tell Jack that he isnt going to get the promotion?
What should you say if he asks about whether the new assignments were made?
2. Project Status Report Meeting Case Study
You are driving to a project status report meeting with your client. You encountered a significant technical problem on the project that has put your project behind schedule. This is not good news because completion time is the number one priority for the project. You are confident that your team can solve the problem if they are free to give their undivided attention to it and that with hard work you can get back on schedule. You also believe if you tell the client about the problem, she will demand a meeting with your team to discuss the implications of the problem. You can also expect her to send some of her personnel to oversee the solution to the problem. These interruptions will likely further delay the project.
What should you tell your client about the current status of the project?

3. Cape Town Bio-Tech Case Study
You are responsible for installing the new Double E production line. Your team has collected estimates and used the WBS to generate a project schedule. You have confidence in the schedule and the work your team has done. You report to top management that you believe that the project will take 110 days and be completed by March 5. The news is greeted positively. In fact, the project sponsor confides that orders do not have to be shipped until April 1. You leave the meeting wondering whether you should share this information with the project team or not.
You leave the meeting wondering whether you should share this information with the project team or not?
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