Case Study

Case Study

For this discussion we are going to use pro beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh as our sample case. Kerri has had a history of right rotator cuff pathology and 2 shoulder surgeries over her career.

Based on the photos above, design a corrective exercise program to improve the identified upper extremity impairments as well as benefit this athlete for her sport.

Leveraging your current understanding of Human Movement Science, CEx, and clinical experience/ expertise, please address and include all of the following in your response:

List the primary postural impairments observed in the photos
In an organized fashion and without deviating from the system or principles, design a CEx program based on the history, your assessment observations, and the demands placed on this athlete that can be performed 3-5 days per week and includes the following:
Inhibition Techniques (list specific exercises/ techniques)
Lengthening Techniques (list specific exercises/ techniques)
Activation Techniques (list the specific exercises you\’d use, not just the muscle names)
Integration Techniques (list the specific exercises)
List acute variables for each technique/ exercise (sets, reps, tempo, rest, etc.)
Takes no longer than 60 Minutes to complete from start to finish
Provide a detailed summary with clinical and/ or scientific rationales that justify your specific exercise technique selections, i.e.:
Why did you choose the specific inhibition, lengthening, activation, and integration exercises outlined in your program?
What tissues/ muscles/ subsystems do they target?
How do the techniques you included benefit this athlete specifically, given her impairments and sport?
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