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Assessment 2: Practical Assessment: Your Business Idea and the Constructive Workshopping of Ideas
This is an individual assignment that students complete in consultation with their group/team. The objective of Assessment 2 is to learn how to develop a business idea by brainstorming and levering off the skillsets of others.
Thus, you will be focussing on developing a business idea of YOUR own in the first instance. However, Assessment 2 should also be seen as an opportunity to learn how to work with others to realise business ideas. It is also structured in such a way that it represents an opportunity to do work towards Assessment 3, which is when your group presents via Powerpoint a business idea jointly.
While working on Assessment 2, your group/team MUST via a consensus process identify the best idea, that is, the idea from the ideas workshopped that will get YOUR team the highest proportion possible of the pool of investment money available. N.B. All the teams will be trying to get as much as possible of a potential $100k investment from an investor.
You should also note that if you are an on-campus student you MUST attend the workshops to be assessed for your ability to work constructively and collaboratively as part of a group/team.
In summary, there are two parts to Assessment 2 upon which the individual student is assessed: One involves written assessment and the other involves the assessement of the individual\’s ability to work constructively with team mates to develop their own and other group mate\’s ideas, that is, involves being observed as having the ability to work constructively and collaboratively in either a workshop setting or by inference (as a result of what gets done and submitted and via a reassuring conference call). Assignment 2 is an opportunity to work towards Assignment 3\’s tasks in a workshop environment, drawing on the advice of your lecturer as required.
The following describes the materials individuals must submit and what is required of the group/team:
Develop the following:
2-3 page (1.5 spacing, A4) summary of YOUR business idea and its most essential business model components

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