Brief the UK company on business and national cultural norms in the host country

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You are an intercultural communication consultant for a UK company exporting equipment around the world.
The firm has recently received a complaint from a customer because your equipment is not working according to the specifications set out in the contract. The fictional customer is based in a country of your choice outside Europe. The UK firm does not yet exactly know how long it will take to fix the problem, but it will be a couple of weeks.

The UK company has now decided to send a team to the country (India) to resolve the matter. The team consists of British people only, and they have not yet been to the country (India) or had personal contact with the client.

Your challenge is to brief the UK company on business and national cultural norms in the host country. Advise the team how they ought to behave during the meeting and around to achieve maximum success for their company.
You will not only need to consider business culture in the host country, but also the British business culture and how it would be received in your chosen host country.
The target of the British team is to:
resolve the matter successfully
avoid a cancellation of the contract
minimise the cost arising from this complaint
secure the possibility of repeat business
This assignment covers the following learning outcomes:
1 Recognise different cultural elements from Eastern and Western cultures in both social and business environments, and their effects.
2 Recognise ways to overcome obstacles to initial interactions between different cultures in a business context.
3 Illustrate examples of contrasting cultural approaches in a business context and within the general economic and business environment.

Include tables
Includede topics:
– Cultural Profile UK & …..

– British Business Profile/ Host country Business Profile

– Differences between business arrangements in the UK and ……….
– Conflict Prevention/Resolution

– Synergistic Approach to Crisis Management
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