As a classroom teacher, explain how you can support students with speech and language impairments

Researchers have not identified a primary cause of ADHD. They believe that it is probably related to a combination of biology, genetics, and the students environment (Powell & Driver, 2013, Section 5.4). While you may encounter very young children who exhibit behaviors similar to the characteristics of ADHD, it is unlikely that they will be specifically diagnosed with ADHD. However, when working with school-aged children, it is more likely that you will encounter students who have been diagnosed with ADHD because ADHD affects approximately 3-10% of school-age students (Powell & Driver, 2013, Section 5.1). For this reason, it is important to understand this condition in order to have a plan of action should you or a parent suspect ADHD, and to know how to support those children who do. For this discussion post, you will create an information sheet that can be given to a new teacher explaining ADHD in the classroom. It can include pictures, but it must include information regarding:
a.All three types of ADHD
b.The possible causes (you must include information regarding each possible cause: biology, genetics and environment)
c.The importance of a medical diagnosis and why
d.Possible signs and symptoms
e.The IDEA category it fits under
f.How IEP or 504 plans can help a child with ADHD in the classroom

To show this, provide an example of a student diagnosed with ADHD along with the proposed solution. This can be an actual child you know (just be sure to exclude the childs real name) or it can be a hypothetical child
As a classroom teacher, explain how you can support students with speech and language impairments by including each of the following:
a.Identify which special education law(s) impacts students with SLI.
b.Explain how you will collaborate with the childs speech and language pathologist (SLP) and why this collaboration is important.
c.Provide strategies you will need to incorporate into your daily routine to assist these children in your classroom. Strategies such as seating arrangement, instructional tips to support the student, as well as how you will help this childs interactions with peers should be included. Support this portion of your discussion with research from a scholarly resource as well as your text.
d.Lastly, explain how you will handle a situation where a parent of a child with SLI in your classroom has come to you concerned because their child is being teased by classmates. What will you say to the parent and how will you address this in class?
Guided Response: Review several of your classmates posts. Respond to two posts from the viewpoint of the childs parent. Offer some reasons why you are satisfied with your childs support from his/her teacher. What is one thing you might want to see implemented into your childs education that will specifically help with their SLI and why?

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