A portfolio demonstrates the best work you have done on a particular subject. While you will not be creating a portfolio in hard copy or web form, this essay will function as an introduction to your best work in this class.

ENG 102 | Final Essay Rubric | 50 points | Due: Wed., 5/10 | Min 3 pages
A portfolio demonstrates the best work you have done on a particular subject. While you will not be creating a portfolio in hard copy or web form, this essay will function as an introduction to your best work in this class. It should demonstrate how you have grown as a writer and, most importantly, how you have met each of the eight course objectives (listed on page 2 of this rubric and on the syllabus).
Content Requirements
1. Identify and demonstrate with specific examples the ways in which you have improved the most over the semester. This could include (but is not limited to): Use of language or ideas specific to your discipline, use of research to support a claim, use of a specific citation manual, etc.
2. Demonstrate that you have met each of the eight course objectives, using your work from this semester as evidence.
a. You should describe the objective (dont just reference the number), introduce your example, and explain how that example meets the course objective.
b. You should rely mostly on your essays for this, but you can also reference discussion posts or any other writing for this class.
*Remember to be specific. This is a formal academic essay, and you should demonstrate the principles of sound academic writing throughout this Final Essay.
Formatting Requirements
All papers and citations must be formatted according to the style guide used in your discipline and use formal, academic language.
Not all Word processors are set with the appropriate default formatting. Make sure you adjust your formatting to meet these requirements:
Font: 12pt., Times New Roman
Spacing: Double spaced, no spaces between paragraphs.
Margins: 1-inch margins all around.
In this essay, you will be citing your own work as evidence. Its best to use signal phrases like in my Project 1 However, if you need to use parenthetical citations, you can still do this in approximate MLA format. For example: (Baker Project 1) or (Baker Discussion 4/5) or (Baker Peer Review Project 2)
If, for any reason, you use an outside source in this essay (you dont have to), remember to use an in-text citation and a works cited page. If you do not use outside sources in this essay, you do not need a works cited page.
Language and Punctuation
Utilize formal academic language and adhere to the conventions of standard, edited English.
Course Objectives, ENG 102
Upon successful completion of this course students should be able to:
1. Evaluate written texts (e.g. for accuracy, reliability, significance, rhetorical context, etc.) by applying critical reading skills.
2. Develop a focused central claim/thesis, in response to an identified question or problem, that addresses a specific audience and purpose.
3. Integrate relevant, authoritative source material appropriate for a professional or expert audience as evidence to support a thesis.
4. Interpret and analyze evidence to develop the thesis or supporting claim.
5. Organize claims and evidence in a relevant sequence to persuade a specific audience of the validity of the thesis.
6. Synthesize ideas discovered from primary and secondary sources to draw a conclusion that addresses the research question and connects to the larger conversation.
7. Employ appropriate conventions of documentation (e.g. MLA or APA) to establish authority and to connect work to a specific disciplinary community.
8. Edit written work for style and tone appropriate for expert and professional audiences.
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