A critical analysis of the effect loyalty programs have on customer satisfaction and loyalty: The Tesco Clubcard.

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The research proposal should contain a background section. The background section has three main functions. 1) It explains what you are going to do; 2) why the topic is relevant; and 3) it shows how your proposed work fits in with what is already know. The review leads up to a clear statement of your research question and objectives.
? Your methods section is the largest and main section of your research proposal. Here, you explain what you are going to do to address your research question. You should write about your approach to theory, theory testing or expanding, the type of research strategy that you plan to employ to answer your research question, the data that you intend to collect together with a proposed data analysis strategy. If you propose to collect information from human participants you need to include a section on research ethics. Make sure that you provide a rationale for your methods choices and that you reflect on threats to the reliability and validity of the proposed projects findings.
? The last section of your research proposal provides a proposed timeline of actions and a discussion of the resources required for your project (time, costs, data access, software requirements such as SPSS).
? The research proposal does not involve any data collection, secondary or primary, and data analysis. Both data collection and analysis are part of your research project in management.
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