Discuss Rising demand for long term elderly care in USA (rural segment) in comparison to service availability

Order Description Rising demand for long-term elderly care in the USA (rural segment) in comparison to service availability (Supervisor comments This is a little better but you still have not got into a critical discussion among authors I know it is difficult to do but it is the difference between a good and poor review. Hi This review needs to […]

Describe Publicity Campaign Proposal

Order Description In a 2- to 3-page paper, describe your proposed overall approach and process for publicizing your social issue. Address the following, making sure to support your statements with references to this weeks required readings: Briefly describe the social issue and what you would like to achieve through this publicity campaign. To whom would you reach out? Why? (Note: […]

Explain Evaluation metrics and message evaluations to measure success of the campaign Sales and response rates

Order Description Your final project will be your opportunity to develop a creative marketing campaign for an invented domestic company that applies the integrated marketing communications concept we studied in class. In developing a successful marketing campaign, include the following sections in your project: Title page Executive Summary Introduction Background information about the company Discussion about the 5Ps of Marketing […]

Discuss Evidence and Criminal Procedure

Order Description Please read instructions carefully. A specialist in the area of law is required. Please provide work of the highest standard. Please go through all attachments. One attachment are the instructions, second attachment the evidence of the case and the remaining three attachments are information regarding the topics/issues drawn out from the evidence. Reference style is AGLC. Needs to […]

Describe the medical mission team\’s organizational structure of the mission team and how power is distributed.

Order Description Scenario Your health care organization has recently committed 20 nurses to participate in a 4-month-long multinational effort to treat patients exposed to a highly contagious virus in a \”hot zone\” in Africa. The director of your organization has asked you, because of your previous medical mission experience, to outline nursing-related plans for preparing for the mobilization and present […]