Fostering a work environment that supports employees in achieving and maintain emotional control.

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If you have been following along with the syllabus, you will see we are in the last stretch of the semester! This week we have discussion board 13. With only one assignment this week, I want you to be thinking about next week\’s final paper. Below are the instructions for the assignment, and this can be found on page 6 of your syllabus. This paper is worth 25% of your final grade. It must be 10 pages. This does not include the title page or the bibliography page. If you do the minimum, you will have a total of 12 pages (title page(1), content pages(10), bibliography(1)).

If you have any questions about APA formatting or the assignment, please do not hesitate to ask. I am happy to explain!

Good luck on your final assignments!

Final Paper (worth up to 250 points or 25% of overall grade in the course)
In this final paper, you will be asked to research dimensions of human relations and how this applies to the Human Resource Development industry. You may select one of the human relations topics listed below.

Strategies for maintaining an effective and efficient communication plan in a technologically and globally advanced work environment.
Building and maintaining effective work teams that support and appreciate unique attitudes, ideas and values.
Building a management plan that is consistent in policy but unique to the individual. Discuss how to manage unique individuals. For example, creative, difficult, confrontational, positive, over-achievers, and under-achievers. Communicating, delivering and maintaining a positive staffing process for internal and external customers.
Offering motivation plans that consistently comply with organizational policy but recognize and address the unique needs of individuals. Proactive conflict management plans and strategies for minimizing conflict fall out.
Fostering a work environment that supports employees in achieving and maintain emotional control.
Organizational strategies and responsibility for employee stress and stress management.
Unique human relations issues that present in a global corporation.
Human Relations and contributions/concerns to business ethics and social responsibility.

Your paper should be 10 pages, and you should consider including the following sections (this is a guide; you may add additional sections as you see fit for your subject matter): introduction, background to the problem, research on the problem, how this could impact HR and people throughout the organization, and how you as an HR professional would handle this situation. What tasks or actions might you take or implement to help remedy the human-relations issue at hand? The paper should follow APA guidelines and include at least three references. The text can be included as a reference.

Final Paper Will Be Graded as Follows:
Clear Introduction
Thorough Response to all Case Study Questions
Clear Conclusion
Demonstration of Application of Course Content
Some Unique Thoughts and Ideas
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