Briefing Report about British Museum

word count: 2,700-3,300 including references/bibliography
Format: in Word in Arial font, font size 11
briefing report will be a focused, in-depth, evidence-based and well-structured investigation into the British Museum including the following elements:
The British Museums business model including mission or cause, vision, objectives, values and principles, strategic plan, ownership, and management structure, key stakeholders
It\’s sources of funding
Its marketing mix
It\’s performance against any relevant performance indicators
A SWOT analysis
Analysis of gathered data – see Excel spreadsheet entitled Tourist Attractions Survey Pooled Sample
Comparison of the British Museum with one other institution from the following attractions: The Tower of London, Madame Tussauds, Coca-Cola London Eye and ZSL London Zoo.
Annual reports and accounts for the British Museum are rich sources of published secondary data and facts.
The latest can be found at:

Other sources of information will be useful to you such as ALVA visitor figures, reports from the DCMS, Trip Advisor and the primary data in the Excel spreadsheet.